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  • Your doctor not listening to you?
  • The traditional healthcare system?
  • Being given “one size fits all” medications?
  • Having constant digestive issues?
  • Having poor skin health?
  • Having no energy?
  • Constantly trying on different clothes to try to look better?
  • Experiencing poor sleep, being constantly tired, or finding yourself wanting to take naps throughout the day?
  • Experiencing low self-esteem?
  • Going through your day feeling empty and dragging through life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re feeling like most of our patients were before they came to see us. After coming to BODY by AIM360, our patients:

  • Are taking fewer medications 
  • Love how their body feels and what it looks like
  • Want to experience fun and exciting things again 
  • Understand how to treat their issues
  • Have answers to why they feel and look the way they do
  • Have a renewed mental state where their happiness is restored

I would tell anyone who ask if they should try Advanced Integrative Medical 360 to do it. The blood work alone is worth it, but the program will make you feel incredible. The coaches are super helpful with keeping you on the right path to success. I look forward to my weekly call. I've been on the program close to 2 months and have lost 21 lbs and feel fantastic. I learned the trigger food that was not healthy for my gut and overall well being. I don't miss any of them. - Pam Gilbert

This program has really worked for me, especially at a time I was really struggling and felt my health was starting to fail. The blood work was amazing and the program that was designed for me and my specific needs. Sonja, my nutrition coach is so helpful and super supportive. She really made a big difference and I never felt I was working this out on my own. I am very pleased! - Diane Buckenheimer

The blood work, initially taken up front, was everything I have described and begged for my regular doctor and specialists for YEARS to check, yet it was always ignored. My fatigue made so much more sense when it was spelled out by Dr. Dubyak and his team. I couldn’t recommended them enough! - Angela Scampone